A Functional Gum Designed to Help You Achieve More.

In todays society, you need every minute you can get in order to seize arising opportunities. We want to create products that put you in an ideal state of mind to help you achieve more. All without sacrificing your health. 


Convenient, natural, and fast acting energy. We wanted to create a premium product that gives you balanced energy and saves you time so that you can get the most out of your day. 

Formulated with you in mind.

We have done extensive research to bring you a product that you can feel good about. Koi Energy gum is focused on health and wellness while providing functionality. 

Fast-Acting Energy.

Each piece of gum contains 50 mg of natural caffeine to energize you. The energy will be felt 5x faster than drinking or swallowing so that you can be in the most optimized state faster.

Natural and Safe For You.

Koi Energy Gum contains all natural ingredients that are safe for you. The gum is produced in a FDA compliant facility. We would never sell a product that we would not use ourselves.


Have Koi Energy gum on you at all times so you can use it when you need it the most. You don't have to worry about open cups/cans that will spill everywhere and you don't have to leave your favorite work area to go to the store.

Free of the Things You Hate.

Sugar free, gluten free, aspertame free, dairy free, and vegan. No crazy lab produced ingredients that you can't pronounce. 

Koi Energy Gum
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"The best energy boost for anyone that wants to save time and cares about their health." 

Koi Energy gum is a functional energy chewing gum that provides convenient and fast-acting energy powered by a blend of green tea and b-vitamins.

Giving Back.
We are committed to helping to community persevere and overcome their obstacles so that they can achieve more. The Koi Energy Initiative was created to support communities, non-profits, phalanthropic events, causes, and more.

Our Vision

Koi Energy was created to help others on their path to becoming the best version of themselves. We want to create products and resources to set you up for success.