Product (Energy Gum)

Other companies use plain synthetic caffeine, or derived/extracted caffeine (ex: green tea derived/extracted caffeine) which is basically the same thing as synthetic caffeine because their molecular structure is exactly the same. We use the actual leaf extract so you can get the benefits that come with green tea/guayusa.

We recommend chewing 1-2 pieces at a time as needed an adjust according to your tolerance. Reports have shown to keep your daily limit of caffeine at 400mg.

You're body will absorb the benefits in as little as 5 minutes! This process happens through buccal and sublingual absorption. You can chew it for as long as you like afterwards!

Shipping and Refunds (Apparel)

We currently only ship domestically in the US. We hope to ship internationally soon!

Most items on our website are produced on-demand. Once an order is placed, we will usually complete the product in 4-8 business days.

*UPDATE - Due to Covid-19, our fulfillment and shipping times will take longer than usual. Currently, it will take 10-17 days to fulfill orders. Thank you for understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience

We will issue refunds for orders that are defective, e.g. misprints, receiving the wrong color or size, or holes in the garment. If a return or exchange is requested, we will review the request and determine if a refund or exchange will be given. Refund/exchange requests must be made within 30 days of the purchase.

No refunds will be given for mistakes made outside of our control. This includes you ordering a wrong size, style, or color. We print the exact number of garments, based on the orders that came in, and we will not have extras. 

Please review your order before you finish checkout to avoid any issues. We will also send an e-mail with details about your order immediately after your order is placed, and if there are any discrepancies in your order at that point, please contact us to make a change.

If you need to change details on your order such as size or color, please contact us at info@koi-energy.com. Usually, we can make a change if we are a day or more away from printing. However, once the order has been printed, we are unable to make any size changes or give any refunds.

We will send the tracking information to the e-mail address provided with the order once the item is shipped.

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